New Perspectives Each year, TEDxGunnHighSchool aims to center its annual conference's content around a central theme. Previous themes have included Be The Variable, More Than A Number, Trailblazers, and Crossroads. Inspired by the vision of challenging the norm and viewing established and novel problems under a new light, we selected New Perspectives as this year’s theme.

With our distinguished set of speakers and performers, we hope to provide a conference experience where the audience will explore innovative ways of viewing ourselves and the world around us through lenses such as New Technology, New Paths, New Mind, New Mentality, and New Vitality.


Time Event
8:15AM Session 1 Check In
8:35AM Introduction - Anna Allport
8:50AM Peter Norvig - Artificial Intelligence
9:10AM Allen Su - Video Games and Benefits
9:30AM Video: How the Mysterious Dark Net is going mainstream
9:45AM Intermission (Brunch)
10:05AM Gunn Acapella
10:10AM Roni Manor - Life Without Social Media
10:30AM Video: This is What Happens When You Reply to Spam Email
10:40AM Michael Montegut - How I Built Resilience in my Life
11:00AM Intermission
11:15AM Fantasma Trio
11:20AM David Carreon - Psych and Neuro
11:40AM Video: The Power of Introverts
12:00PM Raffle
12:15PM Lunch
1:00PM Session 2 Check In
1:20PM Madeline Lurie - Mental Health
1:40PM Misty Gilbert - Self Improvement, Authenticity
2:00PM Video: How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime
2:20PM Intermission
2:35PM Gunn Hip Hop
2:40PM Tarang Gala - Why You Should Make the World Your Classroom
3:00PM Mark Hernandez
3:20PM Ge Wang - Ethical Design
3:40PM Closing


Peter Norvig Peter Norvig is a Director of Research at Google Inc; previously he directed Google's core search algorithms group. He is the co-author of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, the leading textbook in the field, and co-teacher of an Artificial Intelligence class that signed up 160,000 students, helping to kick off the current round of massive open online classes. He is a fellow of the AAAI, ACM, California Academy of Science and American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Peter Norvig will be speaking about how methods of deep learning have jolted artificial intelligence into society and how this new technology can affect people’s daily lives.
Allen Su Allen Su is a senior at Gunn High School. From a young age, Allen has enjoyed gaming and immersing himself in a more exciting world. Eventually, he realized that video games not only shaped the storylines of characters, but also his own identity. Allen is giving this TED talk to dispel some of the common misconceptions about gaming and to teach the importance of playing games in making us more sympathetic, understanding, and observant. When Allen is not gaming, he enjoys debating, fishing, and hiking.

Allen Su will be speaking on the power of gaming in storytelling and challenging the view that video games are violence-encouraging time sinks.
Gunn Acapella Gunn Acapella is a new club that has started over this year. Gunn Acapella is a club for all students at Gunn. We wanted to create a club for everyone who enjoys the wonderful atmosphere of singing and music, without being confined to the music classes at Gunn. We wanted to create music with many people old and new to music and to help us through happy and sad times. Sharing music together makes it all the better!

Gunn Acapella will be performing Lean on Me by Bill Withers.
Roni Manor Roni Manor is a senior at Gunn High School and student at Foothill College whose passions include writing, music, cooking, and speaking on important topics in society. She spends most of her time helping to run a teen art youth group, working to plan and execute free events to spread teen art in her community. In her free time, she loves spending time with her sister and friends, watching too much tv, and traveling. Roni is excited to give her second TEDx talk on how social media usage effects teenagers and how being too trusting on social media can have unforeseen consequences.

Roni Manor will be speaking about how social media use affects teenagers and the consequences of being overly trusting on the internet.
Michael Montegut Michael Montegut, a Research Psychologist by training, is also a writer, consultant, father, husband, kids basketball coach, and poet. He has researched the psychology of human vision and performed R&D in the areas of 3D computer graphics, flight simulation, and Virtual Reality. Michael developed and presented one of the first virtual flyovers of Mars terrain data and lander images at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. He has worked at a variety of Silicon Valley companies, including some of his own, in data analytics, personality analysis, social networking, nonprofit fundraising, and grants management.

Michael enjoys reading anything he stumbles across at the library, cooking, gardening, and writing on a multitude of topics. He believes that every person has a unique contribution to make to the world and that it will take all of us to move humanity forward. He believes that if we are to help our youth grow to be resilient, we as adults must share our personal stories of triumph over the vicissitudes of life.

Michael posts regularly to his wanderings blog on a variety of topics.

Michael Montegut will speak about the rocky, winding path that he has taken through life and describe the principles that have guided him and the techniques he used to overcome challenges along the way.
Fantasma Trio Ishaan Rajan (violin), Jimmy Lee (cello), and Peyton Lee (piano), formed the Fantasma Trio in late 2017. They soon began work on Beethoven’s Ghost Trio, from which the trio’s name is inspired. Since then, they have competed and won on a national level, winning first place at the Silicon Valley Youth Music Competition and the United States International Music Competition. Their future plans include performing in more competitive settings and traveling abroad with their talents as a group.

Astor Piazzolla was an Argentinian composer from the 20th century. Born in poverty, he rose to eventually become one of the most prolific Latin American composers in history. His pioneering work on “nuevo tango” popularized the style almost instantly. Adding saxophone, electric guitar, and his personal instrument, the bandoneon, Piazzolla immortalized a jazzy perspective of the tango.

Piazzolla’s Libertango, a combination of the words “libertad”, meaning liberty, and “tango”, a type of dance, is perhaps his most recognized work. With their own arrangement, the Fantasma Trio hopes to offer a new perspective on Piazzolla’s masterpiece.

The Fantasma Trio will be performing Libertango by Astor Piazzolla, arranged by Ishaan Rajan, Jimmy Lee, and Peyton Lee.
David Carreon Dr. Carreon studied Civil Engineering at UCLA, spending time in a nano-medicine lab and doing nonprofit work in Mexico. Upon graduation, he went to medical school at Stanford where he developed an interest in psychiatry and neuroscience. He started working in a neuroscience lab and studying cognitive behavioral therapy as a medical student, and decided to continue on at Stanford as a psychiatry resident. His research has focused on willpower and "top-down" control, from a naturalistic project looking at self-control "in the wild," to a project trying to increase self-control with brain stimulation, to a gigantic study looking at all the brain imaging studies of executive function in mental illness. Clinically, he is intrigued, challenged, and inspired by his patients with depression. He is working on developing holistic treatments and finding better ways to help his patients thrive, body, brain, and soul. He also loves teaching, nonprofit work (including a year in Kenya), excessively long brunch conversations, and podcasting (

David Carreon will be speaking about his experiences in psychiatry and neuroscience and how this understanding can create the basis for actively taking back control of our lives.
Madeline Lurie Madeline Lurie, a senior at Gunn, is passionate about mental health advocacy and hopes to use her own experiences to affect change in how we view mental illness. She has worked on several mental health campaigns, both through clubs on campus and in out-of-school organizations. Through studying psychology in college, she hopes to blend her first-hand experience with academics and pursue both research and clinical work. In her free time, she enjoys playing cello, hugging her cat, and writing poems.

Madeline Lurie will be speaking about her journey of accepting her OCD and then discovering the world of activism and mental health awareness.
Misty Gilbert Misty W. Gilbert was born in Paso Robles, California and currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. As a transformational coach, writer, and speaker, her mission is to inspire and assist people to create the lives they want by living purposefully. Her powerful story through abuse, rejection, fear, and inauthenticity, evokes both pain and courage as she vulnerably shares her path to freedom. She boldly calls others to take the steps to overcome their own stories and shares how embracing pain is the key to leveraging the freedom they desire. She teaches living authentically, courageously, and abundantly to embrace freedom through the power of choice by escaping the limiting beliefs around fear, shame, guilt, and regret.

Misty Gilbert

Misty Gilbert will be speaking about how we can shed our masks and embrace our pain to find the courage to authentically be ourselves.
Gunn Hip Hop The purpose of Gunn Hip Hop club is to create a space where students interested in urban dance, specifically hip-hop dance, can feel comfortable expressing themselves, dancing, improving their ability, and meeting peers who share a similar interest. Most of our members had little to no previous dance experience, as the club is open to anyone who is interested, regardless of skill level. Through our performance, we hope to showcase the hard work of all of our members, and to spread a love of and appreciation for urban dance.

Gunn Hip Hop will be performing an original, student-choreographed performance.
Mark Hernandez Will be updated soon!

To be announced
Tarang Gala Tarang Gala was born and raised in India and has been a dreamer, artist, and maker since childhood. He graduated from California College of the Arts with a BFA in Interaction Design and currently works as a Creative Director at a software company in San Francisco. He is most passionate about helping people discover and maximize their creative potential.

Tarang Gala will be speaking about the power of recreational and unconventional educational methods and strategies for being more creative.
Ge Wang Ge Wang is an Associate Professor at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA). He researches artful design of tools, toys, games, and social experiences. Ge is the architect of the ChucK music programming language, director of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra, Co-founder of Smule, and designer of Ocarina and Magic Piano for mobile phones. He is a 2016 Guggenheim Fellow, and the author of ARTFUL DESIGN: TECHNOLOGY IN SEARCH OF THE SUBLIME -- a (comic) book about the ethics, aesthetics, and craft of shaping technology.

Ge Wang


Ge Wang will be speaking about the ethics and relationship between humans and design as well as how design serves as an end in itself.
Anna Allport Anna Allport is a senior at Gunn High School.
She will be the MC for our 2019 TEDx conference.